llama3.np, categorized-obsidian-plugins, axiebot, nvim-best-practices, option and more!

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llama3.np is pure NumPy implementation for Llama 3 model.

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Top New Repositories

These repos were open sourced on May 16, 2024

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Easily find Obsidian plugins!🚀

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axie-infinity axieinfinity axie-infinity-bot axie-infinity-farming-bot axieinfinity-auto-bot axie-infinity-script axie-infinity-bot-farm

Star 44    Up 34    Translate


Collection of DOs and DON'Ts for modern Neovim Lua plugin development

Star 31    Up 27    Go    Translate


Support user-friendly, type-safe optionals in Go.

Star 156    Up 24    JavaScript    Translate


Pic Smaller – Compress WebP, PNG and JPEG images intelligently

Star 25    Up 23    Translate


All ways to make money on Stone Fi in simple words

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Top Starred Repositories – Repeat Performers

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Star 7,698    Up 688    Eyes 4    TypeScript    Translate


NocoBase is a scalability-first, open-source no-code/low-code platform for building business applications and enterprise solutions.

Star 1,454    Up 530    Eyes 2    Rust    Translate


Open-source BI for engineers

Star 48,349    Up 521    Eyes 27    Rust    Translate


🔮 ChatGPT Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux)

Star 4,499    Up 504    Eyes 6    C++    Translate


Tool to statically recompile N64 games into native executables

Star 69,851    Up 290    Eyes 60    TypeScript    Translate


A cross-platform ChatGPT/Gemini UI (Web / PWA / Linux / Win / MacOS). 一键拥有你自己的跨平台 ChatGPT/Gemini 应用。

Star 1,195    Up 212    Eyes 8    Python    Translate


A verified list of darknet markets and services with links for educational reference.

Star 1,195    Up 210    Eyes 6    Python    Translate


A verified list of darknet markets and services with links for educational reference.

Star 1,245    Up 209    Eyes 3    Python    Translate


Hunyuan-DiT : A Powerful Multi-Resolution Diffusion Transformer with Fine-Grained Chinese Understanding

Star 1,198    Up 204    Eyes 8    Python    Translate


A verified list of darknet markets and services with links for educational reference.

Star 1,346    Up 203    Eyes 3    Python    Translate


MambaOut: Do We Really Need Mamba for Vision?

Star 29,617    Up 198    Eyes 19    TypeScript    Translate


Dify is an open-source LLM app development platform. Dify's intuitive interface combines AI workflow, RAG pipeline, agent capabilities, model management, observability features and more, letting you quickly go from prototype to production.

Star 1,110    Up 189    Eyes 2    Python    Translate


Open Source framework for voice and multimodal conversational AI

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