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Top Starred Repositories – First Timers

These repos were not previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 932    Up 473    Python    Translate


A local chatbot fine-tuned by bilibili user comments.

Star 620    Up 455    Cuda    Translate


Tile primitives for speedy kernels

Star 2,252    Up 418    TypeScript    Translate


Effortless, instant screen sharing. Open-source and cross-platform.

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Top New Repositories

These repos were open sourced on May 13, 2024

Star 87    Up 85    Go    Translate


The open-source serverless GPU container runtime.

Star 84    Up 81    C#    Translate


This Windows Forms application in C# allows users to download YouTube videos as MP3 files.

Star 81    Up 71    Translate


TON Miner is a software that allows users to mine the Toncoin (TON) cryptocurrency using their computer's processing power. Toncoin is the native cryptocurrency of the TON project, a decentralized blockchain platform developed by Telegram.

Star 76    Up 70    Translate


ETH Miner is a software program that mines the Ethereum cryptocurrency using graphics processing units (GPUs). Mining is the process of verifying and adding new blocks to the Ethereum blockchain, which is a public ledger of all Ethereum transactions.

Star 75    Up 69    Translate


The Solana Wallet Generator Tool is an online tool that allows users to quickly and easily generate Solana wallets. Solana wallets are used to store and manage the Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency and tokens built on the Solana blockchain.

Star 49    Up 26    C++    Translate


Modern Pathfinding Using OpenStreetMap Data with Raylib

Star 25    Up 17    TypeScript    Translate


Get the stack trace of the creation of objects.

Star 21    Up 16    Astro    Translate


A personal blog, portfolio, or blog template

Star 15    Up 15    C++    Translate


Tg Convertor Session And Tdata Written in CPP

Star 15    Up 14    Python    Translate


This repository contains the challenges of GCPC 2024

Star 12    Up 12    Python    Translate


Official PyTorch Implementation for "Stereo3DMOT: Stereo Vision Based 3D Multi-Object Tracking with Multimodal ReID"

Star 15    Up 11    Translate


Web Penetration Testing Course Materials

Star 16    Up 11    Python    Translate


VILA - a multi-image visual language model with training, inference and evaluation recipe, deployable from cloud to edge (Jetson Orin and laptops)

Star 11    Up 10    Rust    Translate


An alternative for the World Wide Web - browse websites such as buss://yippie.rizz made in HTML, CSS and Lua. Custom web browser, custom HTML rendering engine, custom search engine, and more.

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Top Starred Repositories – Repeat Performers

These repos were previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 2,100    Up 951    Eyes 3    C++    Translate


Tool to statically recompile N64 games into native executables

Star 2,380    Up 794    Eyes 3    C++    Translate


Static recompilation of Majora's Mask (and soon Ocarina of Time) for PC (Windows/Linux)

Star 15,313    Up 758    Eyes 5    Vue    Translate


Collection of handy online tools for developers, with great UX.

Star 13,116    Up 445    Eyes 17    HTML    Translate


OpenUI let's you describe UI using your imagination, then see it rendered live.

Star 21,129    Up 420    Eyes 19    Svelte    Translate


User-friendly WebUI for LLMs (Formerly Ollama WebUI)

Star 2,840    Up 408    Eyes 4    Go    Translate


Pretty fancy and modern terminal file manager

Star 1,654    Up 338    Eyes 3    Python    Translate


TimesFM (Time Series Foundation Model) is a pretrained time-series foundation model developed by Google Research for time-series forecasting.

Star 10,540    Up 315    Eyes 11    Jupyter Notebook    Translate


Kolmogorov Arnold Networks

Star 66,316    Up 299    Eyes 98    Go    Translate


Get up and running with Llama 3, Mistral, Gemma, and other large language models.

Star 33,442    Up 270    Eyes 28    TypeScript    Translate


There can be more than Notion and Miro. AFFiNE(pronounced [ษ™โ€˜fain]) is a next-gen knowledge base that brings planning, sorting and creating all together. Privacy first, open-source, customizable and ready to use.

Star 13,887    Up 238    Eyes 2    JavaScript    Translate


The all-in-one Desktop & Docker AI application with full RAG and AI Agent capabilities.

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