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Top Starred Repositories – First Timers

These repos were not previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 822    Up 612    TypeScript    Translate


There can be more than Notion and Miro. Affine is a next-gen knowledge base that brings planning, sorting and creating all together. Privacy first, open-source, customizable and ready to use.

Star 318    Up 260    Python    Translate


A Code Release for Mip-NeRF 360, Ref-NeRF, and RawNeRF

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Top New Repositories

These repos were open sourced on August 04, 2022

Star 114    Up 106    Translate


List of companies offering Machine learning and Data Science internships

Star 43    Up 34    Python    Translate


Official repository of NeuMan: Neural Human Radiance Field from a Single Video (ECCV 2022)

Star 41    Up 30    Visual Basic .NET    Translate


Plain Craft Launcher 2οΌˆζˆ‘ηš„δΈ–η•Œε―εŠ¨ε™¨ PCL2οΌ‰ηš„ζΊδ»£η εΊ“γ€‚

Star 31    Up 25    Rust    Translate


A TCP proxy using HTTP - Reach SSH behind a Nginx reverse proxy

Star 22    Up 20    JavaScript    Translate


✺ My personal website. Built using Next.js, Contentful, Tailwind CSS and deployed on Vercel.

Star 26    Up 19    C++    Translate


Compiler-instrumented app tracing.

Star 20    Up 17    Lua    Translate


A lua rewrite of the original oxocarbon theme.

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Top Starred Repositories – Repeat Performers

These repos were previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 2,021    Up 897    Eyes 2    Python    Translate


FauxPilot - an open-source GitHub Copilot server

Star 2,182    Up 451    Eyes 4    TypeScript    Translate


🌌 Fast, in-memory, typo-tolerant, full-text search engine written in TypeScript.

Star 552    Up 283    Eyes 2    Translate


2022 ζŠ€η½‘θ‘ŒεŠ¨ POC 整理

Star 26,092    Up 259    Eyes 35    JavaScript    Translate


30 days of JavaScript programming challenge is a step-by-step guide to learn JavaScript programming language in 30 days. This challenge may take more than 100 days, please just follow your own pace.

Star 14,549    Up 246    Eyes 9    Go    Translate


DockerSlim (docker-slim): Don't change anything in your Docker container image and minify it by up to 30x (and for compiled languages even more) making it secure too! (free and open source)

Star 11,877    Up 241    Eyes 20    Swift    Translate


CodeEdit App for macOS – Elevate your code editing experience. Open source, free forever.

Star 6,247    Up 224    Eyes 9    Translate


πŸ’Œ Things I've learned about writing good READMEs.

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