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Top Starred Repositories – First Timers

These repos were not previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 3,202    Up 280    TypeScript    Translate


Virtual DOM into the future! ✨🦁🚀✨

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Top New Repositories

These repos were open sourced on July 31, 2022

Star 116    Up 101    Python    Translate


A PoC implementation for an evasion technique to terminate the current thread and restore it before resuming execution, while implementing page protection changes during no execution.

Star 59    Up 56    Pascal    Translate


A cross platform real time 2D/3D graphics and 2D physics simulation library for Free Pascal

Star 60    Up 52    C    Translate


The prime HVML interpreter for C Language.

Star 29    Up 16    Translate


List of Quarto talks, tools, examples & articles! Contributions welcome!

Star 14    Up 12    Translate


Resource: The Best Company YouTubes

Star 13    Up 11    Rust    Translate


A tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications

🤖 Practical AI – making AI practical, productive, and accessible to everyone.

Top Starred Repositories – Repeat Performers

These repos were previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 28,779    Up 485    Eyes 28    HTML    Translate


Tabler is free and open-source HTML Dashboard UI Kit built on Bootstrap

Star 4,608    Up 407    Eyes 4    Translate


A framework for Engineering Managers

Star 1,602    Up 264    Eyes 3    Vue    Translate


An open-source Notion UI built with Vue 3

Star 778    Up 223    Eyes 2    C#    Translate


A terrible application setting SV2 Efficiency Mode for inactive Windows apps and user background apps

Star 693    Up 172    Eyes 2    JavaScript    Translate


The RethinkDNS resolver that deploys to Cloudflare Workers, Deno Deploy, and

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