bionic-reading, my-re0-k8s-security, jakt, stunner, dapp-starter and more!

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Top Starred Repositories – First Timers

These repos were not previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 696    Up 385    JavaScript    Translate


A Chrome Extension for Bionic Reading on ANY website!

Star 371    Up 264    Shell    Translate


:atom: [WIP] 整理过去的分享,从零开始的Kubernetes攻防 ...

Star 905    Up 241    Rust    Translate


The Jakt Programming Language

Star 235    Up 198    Go    Translate


A Kubernetes ingress gateway for WebRTC

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Top New Repositories

These repos were open sourced on May 23, 2022

Star 140    Up 125    TypeScript    Translate


The template I use to kickstart all my web3 apps.

Star 32    Up 26    Vue    Translate


A lightweight Nuxt template to build a Markdown driven website, based on Nuxt Content, TailwindCSS and Iconify.

Star 23    Up 20    Elixir    Translate


A collection of PlanetScale connection examples

Star 38    Up 18    Translate


Implementation of Imagen, Google's Text-to-Image Neural Network, in Pytorch

Star 23    Up 16    Python    Translate


MyoSuite is a collection of environments/tasks to be solved by musculoskeletal models simulated with the MuJoCo physics engine and wrapped in the OpenAI gym API.

Star 15    Up 12    Go    Translate


mx-takeover focuses DNS MX records and detects misconfigured MX records.

🤖 Practical AI – making AI practical, productive, and accessible to everyone.

Top Starred Repositories – Repeat Performers

These repos were previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 1,412    Up 677    Eyes 2    TypeScript    Translate


A zero-config, drop-in animation utility that adds smooth transitions to your web app. You can use it with React, Vue, or any other JavaScript application.

Star 19,769    Up 372    Eyes 16    Rust    Translate


Open source virtual / remote desktop infrastructure for everyone! The open source TeamViewer alternative.

Star 10,048    Up 353    Eyes 12    TypeScript    Translate


Spacedrive is an open source cross-platform file explorer, powered by a virtual distributed filesystem written in Rust.

Star 11,898    Up 201    Eyes 19    Jupyter Notebook    Translate


10 Weeks, 20 Lessons, Data Science for All!

Star 38,340    Up 174    Eyes 33    TypeScript    Translate


Playwright is a framework for Web Testing and Automation. It allows testing Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API.

Star 51,345    Up 171    Eyes 73    JavaScript    Translate


24 Lessons, 12 Weeks, Get Started as a Web Developer

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