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Top Starred Repositories – First Timers

These repos were not previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 261    Up 205    JavaScript    Translate


An open letter against Apple's new privacy-invasive client-side content scanning.

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✅ Master the art of the most powerful testing technique for Node.js: Component tests. Including super-comprehensive best practices list and an example app (August 2021)

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Top New Repositories

These repos were open sourced on August 07, 2021

Star 44    Up 42    Translate


Único roadmap de Haskell possível, do noob ao Thanos

Star 23    Up 21    Rust    Translate


A browser app that evolves vehicles using genetic algorithms, written in Rust and Bevy

Star 26    Up 17    Go    Translate


SourcePoint is a C2 profile generator for Cobalt Strike command and control servers designed to ensure evasion.

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Top Starred Repositories – Repeat Performers

These repos were previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 1,595    Up 388    Eyes 4    JavaScript    Translate


A map tool with real-time collaboration 🗺️

Star 1,452    Up 336    Eyes 3    Translate


Descomplicando o Docker, o livro.

Star 702    Up 264    Eyes 2    TypeScript    Translate


The Open Source A/B Testing Platform

Star 119,775    Up 162    Eyes 30    TypeScript    Translate


Visual Studio Code

Star 36,007    Up 156    Eyes 9    Python    Translate


Animation engine for explanatory math videos

Star 5,584    Up 138    Eyes 5    Kotlin    Translate


Jetpack Compose for Desktop and Web, a modern UI framework for Kotlin that makes building performant and beautiful user interfaces easy and enjoyable.

Star 6,672    Up 123    Eyes 2    Go    Translate


Go from Docker Compose to Kubernetes

Star 5,200    Up 120    Eyes 9    C    Translate


A FREE comprehensive reverse engineering course covering x86, x64, 32-bit ARM & 64-bit ARM architectures.

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