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Top Starred Repositories – First Timers

These repos were not previously featured in Changelog Nightly


Star 499    Up 456    JavaScript


An isolated development space with integrated fuzz testing for your components. See them individually, explore them in different states and quickly and confidently develop them.


Star 622    Up 394    JavaScript


Create badass, fluid and smooth transition between your website's pages.


Star 627    Up 232    JavaScript


✨ Infinite scrolling date-picker built with React, with localization, themes, keyboard support, and more.


Star 883    Up 231    JavaScript


Most commonly used git tips and tricks.

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Top New Repositories

These repos were open sourced on June 03, 2016


Star 62    Up 61    JavaScript


Fast clone library for JavaScript


Star 56    Up 44


List of Elixir books


Star 34    Up 32


Collection of amazing open source React & React native projects


Star 17    Up 16


A curated list of the dat data ecosystem.


Star 16    Up 15


Courses and lesson content for


Star 29    Up 15    Java


Joint Advanced Defect assEsment for android applications


Star 12    Up 10    JavaScript


Use an iPad to test your component's layout in different iPhone sizes.


Star 8    Up 8    C++


Wargaming Tools Framework

satellite Listen to RFC – exploring different perspectives in open source sustainability.

Top Starred Repositories – Repeat Performers

These repos were previously featured in Changelog Nightly


Star 2505    Up 939    Eyes 2


A list of the best resources to help you get started in becoming a pro


Star 1052    Up 725    Eyes 2    C


A web-friendly way for anyone to build unusual displays


Star 1269    Up 539    Eyes 2    Python


Magenta: Music and Art Generation with Machine Intelligence


Star 709    Up 352    Eyes 2    JavaScript


package build your react apps with one command and one `npm i`.


Star 4087    Up 340    Eyes 4    Python


Streisand sets up a new server running L2TP/IPsec, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, and a Tor bridge. It also generates custom configuration instructions for all of these services. At the end of the run you are given an HTML file with instructions that can be shared with friends, family members, and fellow activists.


Star 1258    Up 261    Eyes 2    Swift


An adaptive scrollable graph view for iOS to visualise simple discrete datasets. Written in Swift.


Star 1083    Up 244    Eyes 2    Python


λ Gordon is a tool to create, wire and deploy AWS Lambdas using CloudFormation


Star 904    Up 235    Eyes 2    CSS


A simple responsive CSS Grid for humans. View Demo -


Star 1834    Up 225    Eyes 2    Vue


Mobile web UI Components based on Vue and WeUI. Be Cool with Vue & WeUI.

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