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Top Starred Repositories – First Timers

These repos were not previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 1,056    Up 203    Lua    Translate


A launch point for your personal nvim configuration

Star 1,449    Up 192    Python    Translate


Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API

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Top New Repositories

These repos were open sourced on December 17, 2022

Star 195    Up 149    Translate


Guide and resources for prompt engineering

📻 Listen to Go Time – on the Go programming language, the community, & more.

Top Starred Repositories – Repeat Performers

These repos were previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 1,149    Up 555    Eyes 2    Rust    Translate


An efficient vector-graphics renderer

Star 54,124    Up 341    Eyes 62    Java    Translate


🇨🇳 GitHub中文排行榜,各语言分设「软件 | 资料」榜单,精准定位中文好项目。各取所需,高效学习。

Star 1,589    Up 277    Eyes 4    Go    Translate


Vulnerability scanner written in Go which uses the data provided by

Star 8,146    Up 235    Eyes 9    HTML    Translate


This repo includes ChatGPT promt curation to use ChatGPT better.

Star 2,271    Up 224    Eyes 3    Translate


a truly censorship-resistant alternative to Twitter that has a chance of working

Star 2,041    Up 221    Eyes 4    C    Translate


tiniest x86-64-linux emulator

Star 1,242    Up 191    Eyes 3    TypeScript    Translate


Stable diffusion for real-time music generation

Star 4,379    Up 190    Eyes 7    Python    Translate


Stable Diffusion built-in to the Blender shader editor

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