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These repos were open sourced on October 30, 2022

Star 30    Up 27    JavaScript    Translate


A discord tool allowing to connect to a bot or a user account to quickly ban an entire server

Star 31    Up 25    C    Translate


An SDK to build payloads/ELF files compatible with the loader in the PS5 WebKit+Kernel Exploit chain.

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Top Starred Repositories – Repeat Performers

These repos were previously featured in Changelog Nightly

Star 1,836    Up 412    Eyes 5    TypeScript    Translate


Contracts of the Sismo Attestation Protocol

Star 407    Up 328    Eyes 41    PHP    Translate


Aplus Framework App Project

Star 1,735    Up 310    Eyes 3    Rust    Translate


Speedy TypeScript type checker

Star 5,313    Up 289    Eyes 8    HTML    Translate


Open source CSS framework for data visualization.

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